People helping people avoid traffic jams!

Operating on weekends in July & August on roads to & from the Catskills.
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 Kol Mevaser
For Kol Mevasser Traffic Reports & Alerts, call the Kol Mevaser Hotline at 212-444-1100, Option #7.

Don't forget Tefillas Haderech when traveling. It can be download as a PDF file at

Don't Type and Drive!  Ask a passenger to type for you. is pleased to bring you the latest in unreported traffic reports to and from the Catskills. Have you ever listened to the traffic report on the radio on your way to or from the Country and they didn't mention anything unusual about the road you were driving on only to find out a couple of miles ahead that the road is congested?

We have created a system to inform motorists about these traffic conditions.

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up as a member at the signup page.
  • Once you are a member of, you will receive alerts to your hand held device and you'll be able to send text messages to us about traffic conditions.
  • Sending a message about a traffic condition to is very easy, just send a text message (SMS) or email from your hand held device to .
  • Within minutes the text message will get approved by one of our administrators and sent out to our members.
  • The messaging alerts will be operating every weekend in July & August on Thursday afternoon from 4:00pm, Friday from 12pm, Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings. Monday morning alerts will only be sent if there is a major traffic alert.
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 Recent Traffic Conditions & Alerts: All times are Eastern Time - Time now is 3:40:31 AM

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